Arey – Poet

    Inner Symphony is excited to introduce the up-and-coming and gifted musician, Arey, with a mesmerizing and emotionally charged single titled “Poet”. This single features two remixes from the renowned artists German Solidmind and Colombian Deviu, who effortlessly infuse the right energy into each track they remix.

    “Poet” strikes the perfect balance between mind and soul, enabling you to delve into a vast realm of sound and navigate through the landscape of your own imagination. These atmospheric marvels will lead you to ponder on the past, present, and future.

    Artist: Arey
    Title: Poet
    Label: Inner Symphony
    Cat. No: IS083
    Digital Release Date: 20/10/2023

    01. Arey – Poet (Original Mix)
    02. Arey – Poet (Solidmind Remix)
    03. Arey – Poet (Deviu Remix)

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