Cary Crank – Lost Highway

    The esteemed German producer, Cary Crank, heralds a landmark debut on Steyoyoke Black with the launch of “Lost Highway”. This potent and dynamic progressive techno symphony stands ready to ignite dance havens globally. Accompanying this powerhouse are two immersive remixes from MPathy and Aquiver, orchestrating a thrilling narrative that holds listeners in a relentless grip of anticipation.

    Steel yourself for the ultimate descent into the abyss with the “Lost Highway” EP from Cary Crank. This ominous and formidable ensemble of soundwaves promises to usher you into a realm of profound darkness, navigating through uncharted territories of sensory exploration.

    Artist: Cary Crank
    Title: Lost Highway
    Label: Steyoyoke Black
    Cat. No: SYYKBLK089
    Digital Release Date: 03/11/2023

    01. Cary Crank – Lost Highway (Original Mix)
    02. Cary Crank – Lost Highway (MPathy Remix)
    03. Cary Crank – Lost Highway (Aquiver Remix)

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