Haffenfold – Enigma

    Haffenfold takes center stage with this exquisite release, featuring a proper dancefloor remix by the label head himself, Soul Button. This poignant collection of tracks tells a story of compassion, heartbreak, and triumph.

    Haffenfold’s “Enigma” EP is a bittersweet glimpse of comforting horizons on the other side of heartbreak. This collection captures the unfaltering emotion and ubiquitous truth that everything worth achieving is on the other side of fear and suffering. The Enigma of Life.

    Artist: Haffenfold
    Title: Enigma
    Label: Inner Symphony
    Cat. No: IS057
    Artwork: Can Çetinkaya
    Digital Release Date: 22/04/2022

    01. Haffenfold – Enigma (Original Mix)
    02. Haffenfold – Rime of Chaos (Original Mix)
    03. Haffenfold – Rime of Chaos (Soul Button Remix)

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