James Marley – Mother

    James Marley strikes again with a new album, “Mother”, on Inner Symphony. The 12-track album brings original mixes with a beautiful story to tell. 

Starting off with “Birth”, positive melodies flow all around, welcoming you into a world of love.

    “Mother” is an inspiring release, exhibiting real emotions and a beautiful story. A superb album by James Marley.

    Artist: James Marley
    Title: Mother
    Label: Inner Symphony
    Cat. No: IS039
    Artwork: Can Çetinkaya
    Digital Release Date: 05/06/2020

    01. James Marley – Birth (Original Mix)
    02. James Marley – Home (Original Mix)
    03. James Marley – Sorrowful Bliss (Original Mix)
    04. James Marley – Morning Smile (Original Mix)
    05. James Marley – Salto Mortale (Original Mix)
    06. James Marley – Little By Little (Original Mix)
    07. James Marley – Pathos (Original Mix)
    08. James Marley – Up For Trouble (Original Mix)
    09. James Marley – Wheel Of Fortune (Original Mix)
    10. James Marley – Changes (Original Mix)
    11. James Marley – Joyful Life (Original Mix)
    12. James Marley – Amadeo (Original Mix)

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