Jordan Arts & Minoz – Arctic Lake (Soul Button Remix)

    Steyoyoke’s label head, Soul Button, returns to his imprint with a powerful and emotive remix of Jordan Art and Minoz’s smashing single, “Arctic Lake”. Full of melancholy and pure emotion, this remix exudes and surrounds the listener with pensive daydream-like hope.

    Soul Button’s interpretation of “Arctic Lake” is chalk-full of bittersweet emotions, and it knows full well your most somber feelings, pulling them to the forefront. It will entrance the mind, bewitch the soul, and enchant one’s heart with yearning desire. This is Vintage Melancholic Steyoyoke.

    Artist: Jordan Arts & Minoz
    Title: Arctic Lake (Soul Button Remix)
    Label: Steyoyoke
    Cat. No: SYYK159
    Artwork: Mitya Fenechkin
    Digital Release Date: 01/04/2022

    Jordan Arts & Minoz – Arctic Lake (Soul Button Remix)

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