Various Artists – Ethereal Techno #001

    Continuing its tradition of innovation, Steyoyoke have extended themselves towards a new concept and sound they call ‘Ethereal Techno’.

    The sound is characterised by its uplifting nature and bold attitude, making it both fierce and powerful. Resonating with a positive energy that infiltrates the soul, it will feed your imagination and expand your mind. It is music with intelligence.

    Artist: Various Artists
    Title: Ethereal Techno #001
    Label: Steyoyoke
    Cat. No: SYYKET001
    Digital Release Date: 16/11/2015

    01. Fabio Giannelli – Whispers (Original Mix)
    02. Dahu – Sedated (Original Mix)
    03. Skena – Waiting In The Wings (Original Mix)
    04. Aaryon – Hex (Soul Button Remix)
    05. THe WHite SHadow (FR) – Station (Original Mix)
    06. Nick Devon – The Poem feat. Miroir (Original Mix)
    07. Clawz SG – Gwendoline (Original Mix)
    08. Aaryon & Ran Salman – Riptide (Original Mix)
    09. Th Moy – Road To Heaven (Original Mix)
    10. BLANCAh – Casuar (Original Mix)
    11. Andreas Henneberg – Grim (Jonas Saalbach Remix)
    12. Ukka – Exhale (Original Mix)
    13. Einerlei – Ensnared (Original Mix)
    14. Dahu – Ruin (Animal Picnic Remix)
    15. Philipp Kempnich – Veiled (Original Mix)

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