Various Artists – Inner Symphony Gold 2023

    As the sun sets on another vibrant year, Inner Symphony is proud to present the best of its 2023 sonic alchemy in “Inner Symphony Gold 2023”.

    Like the shimmer of gold, each track on this compilation gleams with a distinct luminosity, echoing the passion, depth, and creativity of its artists. From René Diehl’s ethereal soundscapes to the mystic rhythms of Sahalé, and the deep, transformative remixes by Axel Giova and others, this collection is a testament to the label’s continued pursuit of excellence. Dive into a symphonic blend that uplifts, calms, and inspires. Let “Inner Symphony Gold 2023” be the soundtrack to your reflections and hopes for the times to come.

    Artist: Various Artists
    Title: Inner Symphony Gold 2023
    Label: Inner Symphony
    Cat. No: IS084
    Digital Release Date: 17/11/2023

    01. René Diehl – Liquid Dreams (Original Mix)
    02. Hakan – Radiance (Axel Giova Remix)
    03. Sahalé – Magharibi (Original Mix)
    04. Hakan – Lunar (René Diehl Remix)
    05. Guy Gordon – Autumn (René Diehl Remix)
    06. René Diehl – Quartz (Original Mix)
    07. Axel Giova – Suspiro (Original Mix)
    08. Clawz SG – Aurora (Original Mix)
    09. Axel Giova – Svadhisthana (Original Mix)
    10. Seismal D – Sapiens (Original Mix)
    11. Sahalé – Middle Eastern Promises (Original Mix)
    12. Clawz SG – Cassiopeia (Original Mix)
    13. Marc Wiese – Distant Closeness (René Diehl Remix)
    14. Soul Button – Adorn My Way (Original Mix)

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