We are here again today for another Steyoyoke talk with the master and Steyoyoke veteran Clawz SG. We have prepared some questions for our dear friend.

Bonjour Clawz



You’ve been in the music production world for a very long time and have witnessed the evolution of the techno scene in the last 10 years. How do you think it’s changed today, especially in the area of melodic techno ?

Indeed, I have been composing for a few years, over time we become more selective in our musical choices, we try to find the rare pearl. What I find a bit of a shame is that there are a lot of titles coming out, maybe a little too much, so there are some really good titles that are drowned in the mass. Regarding melodic techno, on the other hand I find that it is the style which is evolving the most at the moment, and which reminds me a little of the 90s at the great time of the trance where there was really a big diversity of songs and very good quality.

We know that you produce with only hardware and gears and don’t use plugins. Can you explain to us why ? What are the benefits and what suggestions would you give to young producers ?

Indeed, I almost only use hardware, whether for drum machines or synthesizers, the only VST I actually use are the UAD plug-ins, with the little interface I have there down below. And in fact, for several reasons, I find that the sound is much more organic on the machines, I am a bit of trouble with the VST for that, and also I need the touch feeling of a machine, to create sounds etc. I prefer to work on a machine. For me, it’s very complicated to do everything with the mouse on a screen, it’s not really my thing. Then if I had some advice for young producers: Try to create your sounds, avoid just looking at the presets, to create your musical identity it’s really important to create good sounds, and above all the sounds will inspire you to melodies and it will really forge your musical identity.

Can you show us your two favourite synths ?

So this is a very difficult question for me because I like synths a lot, I have a lot of them. But if I had to choose a few synths, I would definitely say the Andromeda, which has an incredible sound power, it is very very good for the pads, for the bass it is very powerful, moreover the track “Chrysalis” uses sounds of Andromeda. Then for everything that is lead, in my tracks I use a lot of leads, a little bit metallic, or with LFO or things like that. The poly evolver is very, very good at that, it has a very particular sound different from other machines and finally if I had to choose a last one ,it’s difficult, I kinda like them all. I would say the REV2, which is the source of most of the sounds in my last EP “Sparks”, because it is so versatile. You can really go from a bass to very nice pads, even to an electric piano, you really can make a lot of sounds with this synth and it is very musical, it is very easy to integrate into a mix.

Thanks for your time and for the continuous contribution, we are so proud too have you on board with us. Till next time.

Thanks for watching the video, I would like to thank everybody who has followed me for years. I will try to prepare some very good things for you in the coming months and especially for 2021. And I would also like to thank all the labels that have helped me to make this project what it is today. And especially Steyoyoke for the support they have given me since several years. See you soon