Today on Steyoyoke Talk, we invited label boss Soul Button. He will tell us a little bit about how steyoyoke was created.



How did the idea of Steyoyoke come about ?

The idea of Steyoyoke started when I was living in London. At the time, I was helping some friends who ran various music labels. Through that experience, I learned the necessary steps on how to properly run a label. From there, I moved to Berlin. The city was a lot cheaper and simpler, which gave more chances to open and establish new projects. I realized then that I wanted to put everything I learned into practice and thus Steyoyoke was born.


That’s interesting … what was your goal with this project ?

With Steyoyoke, I wanted to create a label that’s slightly different from all the other labels I knew at the time (2012) – a label that’s focused on quality based product and music. A family of people who made music for real. I definitely think I’ve succeeded.


Why did you decide to launch 3 different labels? Steyoyoke, Steyoyoke Black and Inner Symphony, all under the same brand?

Let me explain that, Steyoyoke is not the main label, Inner Symphony and Steyoyoke Black are not the 2 sub-labels. They are 3 completely different labels. Steyoyoke is more groovy and dance floor. Steyoyoke Black is more techno, a bit harder and faster. Inner Symphony is dreamy, emotional and much more melodic. Having three labels gives me more options to release these different types of music. When I receive something that’s groovy and dance floor, it’s out on Steyoyoke. If it’s more Techno, on Steyoyoke Black and if it’s more melodic, then Inner Symphony.


How do you pronounce Steyoyoke ?

It’s pronounced Ste-Yo-Yo-Keh. It is not Steyoyokeee or Steyokee. Steyoyoke.


How did you come up with the word “Steyoyoke”?

Steyoyoke is a made up word. I wanted a name that didn’t exist and has no meaning. My friends and I played a game of writing down different syllables on pieces of paper. After five minutes, we opened each piece and put them all together. With that, came STEIOIOKE, which later became STEYOYOKE.


Thank you for sharing some light on the project and for the beautiful music. Have a great day!


I want to take advantage of this opportunity to thank everyone who motivate me everyday to keep going with this project. None of this would be possible without your continued support. Grazie!