Today’s special guest for Steyoyoke talk is Mashk, who is constantly contributing to the Inner Symphony with his sweet and romantic melodies.
We’re gonna have a chat with him about his extreme hobbies and how his love for classical music led him to joining up with the label.

Bonjour Mashk



You are one of the main artists of Inner Symphony, can you please tell us how you joined the Inner Symphony and Steyoyoke family ?

I discovered Steyoyoke by buying these vinyls bought from Phil my record store friend. Then Sylvain (Clawz SG), whom I already knew, introduced me to Chris (Soul Button) during ADE. Chris then got in touch with me to tell me about his plan to create his new label Inner Symphony. He thought my music could fit perfectly with what he had in mind for this new label. I was overjoyed because it was the beginning of a new chapter and a great human encounter with the whole Steyoyoke family.

A lot of our fans know you as a romantic musician who puts all his heart into compositions, but we know that you are also an adrenaline junky. Could you tell us more about your outdoor hobby?

I don’t know if I’m a romantic musician, I’m just trying to make music with my heart and that represents who I am. You want to talk about my passion for surfing I imagine and sport in general … So I discovered surfing during a trip to Reunion. When I got back from this trip, I had only one idea in mind and that was to surf and re-surf. And then after while on vacation in southwest France I met Sam, a meeting that goes beyond friendship. And during our countless discussions he encouraged me to take my federal initiator’s certificate to share this experience of surfing and teaching together. Surfing and music are essential to my balance. It’s a real introspection. You have to stay calm you have to be connected to the elements all the time, you have to be connected to yourself, you have to feel the rhythm, the rhythm of your heart, the rhythm of the wave to be able to express yourself.

Can you tell us a bit more about what you do for a living ?

I am a teacher of jazz saxophone and musical training, I teach students this language of music. Trying to pass on not only my knowledge but my love for music. I love trying to bond with my students and seeing them progress is a joy no matter what level of progress, sometimes insignificant progress is a real victory for them and for me. It’s not always easy as a profession, especially with the current context. Nothing is ever acquired and it is a permanent questioning of his teaching and his pedagogy. 

You made already one EP with Rustboy and you are about to release another. How do you like to work with him and what can you tell us about the new EP ?

I love working with Alex it was a real revelation for us : title of our first EP 😀 It’s super easy because we have the same understanding, the same vision and the same musical sensitivity and above all more importantly, humanly, real links have been forged. We always have the same routine: Alex sends me his ideas and then I try to bring my touch to the level of the melody to the level of the harmonies and above all, we always have the same leitmotif: no rush no stress !!

Here is for this new 3-tracks EP:
Starwalk, Galactica and Memories

Each song tells a story for us, we discovered a common passion for the sky, the stars, the Milky Way and the galaxies and we hope that for you it will also be an invitation to travel and dream.

Merci merci beaucoup our dear friend, we really enjoyed your company. Till next time

I take this opportunity to thank Chris and Inner Symphony for what they have given me and allowed me to achieve. Manu (Manu Riga) the magician and his masterings. And all of you for your support and wonderful expressions of sympathy for my music. Namaste !!

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