Welcome to another episode of Steyoyoke talk. Today we are visiting Modeplex and he is gonna tell us more about himself and his upcoming album.



You joined Steyoyoke a couple of years ago and just recently decided to release an album. What motivated you to do so and what was your inspiration ?

I wanted to do a bit more complex topic and not just focusing on a single or an EP. I had the idea for a long time already.

You’ve titled the album, “Days Of Change”. Tell us why you chose this title and what it means to you.

Yes, I thought it was a good topic because I noticed that for me it was simply the time that I have to change something. I’ve worked a lot on myself and I also think that it would fit into the Zeitgeist, because a lot changed in the world at that time. So the period of the project was between February and August. A lot happened there, that’s why this title.

We know you like to play live, can you tell us a track that you absolutely have to play during peak time ?

There is no particular track where I would say, you play that at the peak time. The productions are very complex today, so very reduced tracks or beats often work very well at the parties.

Where and how do you see yourself as a producer and DJ in 15 years ?

I would like to try out different genres, or at least bring different flavours to my music. I would like to work with acoustic instruments and maybe set up a live performance.

Thank you Modeplex looking forward for your new album.

I wanted to thank everyone who supports me so actively, especially the label. I hope we will survive the stressful times that currently prevail and see you again soon and have a nice party together.