Today we are taking Steyoyoke Talk outdoor. Canadian artist Monarke will tell us more about himself and his inspirations.

Hi Monarke



What inspires you to produce music? And what are your current goals in regards to making music ?

My main inspiration comes from different aspects. It can be nature like. I am really connect to the nature and everything around it. I like outdoor stuff, at the same time I can be inspired by traveling or after watching movies … this kind of other perception that I can see and I can transfer into my studio, into ideas. When I came back from my last trip in Berlin I was really really inspired by the people over there, the culture and the beautiful city too. It was really good for studio production at this moment when I came back. The challenge for me have always been something important .. when I was DJing for 10 ten years and after that I was like .. ok maybe I need a new challenge so that’s why I started producing and .. I think in life you always need to challenge yourself and evolve with this.

We know you have a regular job besides being an artist. Can you tell us what your daily routine looks like ?

I’m not living from music. So it’s only a passion. I am mainly doing mechanics on heavy duty equipments .. my daily routine was waking up, going to work really early and after my work I like to workout .. to get active mentally and physically too, and then I get back home for dinner time. After that I like to spend pretty much all my night in the studio, for 2-3 hours and escape myself. Sometime starting new project, continue tracks .. I like to spend nights in my studio.

We’d all like to know – how did you get involved with Steyoyoke ?

First of all I was following Steyoyoke since a while. Soul Button was coming often to Montreal .. I was going to his Stereo iconic extended set and then I start to produce I was into this kind of melodic techno .. I always been into this kind of melodic, it was my kind of vibe that I like to play or to listen. So yea, and one day Soul Button came to Montreal and I met him after his gig at Stereo. We talked and he was really a nice guy. I’ve got a demo prepared and I said why not ? And then I gave him the demo, hmm .. a couple of weeks later he messaged me. He said hey man I likes this track .. I will put it in Inner Symphony Quintessence compilation. Since there, we kept in contact and kept sending tracks. The same year, my mini album “The Origins” came on Inner Symphony. I was really proud of this mini compilation album. From that time I started to improve my sound. So it came the Milestone EP that was my first release on Steyoyoke. This was the turning point of my artist career, because I knew this was the sound that I wanted, and with the collaboration with Alya V and her vocals. It was more artistic. And then it came the Pantheon EP and a couple remixes. I feel attached to the Steyoyoke family now and I’m really happy about it. 

Thanks for being with us today. Till next time

I want to thank everybody who is following me, all the messages you send me, everything. People are so much supporting my music and for me it’s so gratifying. I think it’s the best reward an artist can receive because without fans you can’t keep yourself motivated to produce. I want thank Steyoyoke and the fans and keep the good music alive.

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