From sunny Athens, Nick Devon is gonna join us for today’s Steyoyoke talk



How did you first get involved with Steyoyoke ?

Towards the end of 2012 I receive an email from Soul button telling me that he is following my latest releases, and he would like a remix from me on his new label called Steyoyoke. Of course I had no idea which label he mentioned. It was a brand new one, but he explained me his vision. He told me that some releases will be released on vinyl and there will be some showcases with art exhibitions in Berlin. It was something I really liked and found very original. I also listened to the track and I decided to remix it. From there it all started.

Can you tell us more about the family approach within the label ?

I think Steyoyoke is a family label. We are a group of artists, who collaborate and share, releasing original tracks, remixes and creating art. We are also very close friends. We talk every day, we discuss issues that are related to the music industry, the label itself and many of our personal matters. Being part of a project like Steyoyoke greatly enhances my creativity. I always wanted to belong to a like-minded people and give my contribution. It gives me a great joy and satisfaction to see how the team itself, and we personally, achieve our goals.

Everybody who knows or follows you, know you have a super equipped studio. Can you tell us which 3 gears you use the most and why ?

One of my favorite synth, which I believe I have used the most, is the Roland Juno 6 – a standalone 6-voices analog synthesizer. It has the ability to communicate only through an arpeggio clock, without using a computer, which simply helps me to create some interesting note sequences.

My 2nd favorite synth is Elektron’s Octatrack together with Analog Rytm. For me it is the perfect combo for a live set. I can record or play parts of tracks I have already released (bass, melodic lines, percussions) and use them together with the drum kits of the Analog Rytm. This way allows me to jam with other instruments while the Octatrack is playing the backing tracks, creating always something new, while I improvise live.

My 3rd favorite synth (not exactly a synthesizer but a combination of modules) is my own Modular Rack. I can create ambient sounds and soundscapes using various reverbs, filters, granular synths – such as Qu-Bit Nebula – and sequencers that create notes. Very often I do record on the fly. What I like the most is that the results are unexpected, since the machine is not programmed to produce a specific sound. This is very interesting to me.

Thanks for sharing with us your tricks and your experiences. Looking forward to hearing soon your new productions.

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