Steyoyoke Talk today’s guest is Strinner. We have prepared couple of questions for him.



How did you first get involved with Steyoyoke ?

There was a track of mine called ‘Cjord’ which was released on Be Free Recordings. Soul Button had been supporting this track and subsequently licensed it to Steyoyoke for one of the Paradigm compilations. After that I was sending some demos to the label, and they signed something called ‘Continuum’ for one of the Quadrivium releases. Shortly after that the Deviation EP got signed to the label, and I was invited to do a lot of stuff with Steyoyoke like collaborate on the Couple Affair projects, go to Berlin to play at the Anniversary, and met a lot of people involved in the label then. So it was quite swiftly after that EP that a few things happened, and I got more and more involved with the label.


Some of us know that you work as a sound designer for a living. Can you tell us exactly what that job entails ?

Well a big part of what I do is create sound libraries and sample packs. So I work for a company called Audiaire where I create expansions for their Zone synthesizer, as well as that I make sample packs for Splice. I feel quite lucky really that I can get into the studio everyday, working with music and being creative. And I definitely find that the two things, my work as a sound designer and my work as Strinner, go hand in hand. I might start the day working on a new bank of sounds for a synthesizer and end it working on a new remix for the label.


Can you show us quickly how you create a sound for a sample library ?

Well something to consider when making sample packs is you need to create original content. So you need to create everything from scratch, whether that’s programming the synth from the ‘init’ preset, or recording hardware, or recording your own instruments. So I’ll show you quickly some of my processes. I’ve recorded in this jar of sunflower seeds, as a cabasa loop. And this box of rice is going to be my shakers. I’ve recorded them into the computer. So I created this loop from those 2 sounds.
And then to go with that, I’ll create a nice, warm, analog bass drum with the Sub 37. So initialise the patch here, so we’ve just got a sawtooth wave. Turn off all the oscillators, and I’ll use the self oscillating filter. And with the resonance right up, you’ll get a sine wave. And then you can tune that down to bass drum territory. And then use the envelope amount to the filter, tweak the filter envelope, short sustain, a little bit of decay and release. And then the amplitude envelope, and we’ve got a nice, warm, analog bass drum. Because the other thing when you’re creating samples packs, you might need to create 20-30 different kick drums. So there’s a few different kicks I could create with that sound, something more ‘clicky’, I could add a little bit of distortion for something more driven. I’ve got a big release on there, so you could create a bit more of an 808-esque sound … go a bit deeper … I could add a ‘click’ top layer … so there you go!


Thank you so much Strinner. We appreciate you joined our Steyoyoke Talk. Keep making good music and we hope to catch up with you soon.


I just want to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to anyone who has supported my music, really does mean a lot. Hopefully see you all on a dancefloor soon.

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