Ran Salman Presents Authentic Steyoyoke #005

    I sat down and listened to Steyoyoke’s entire music catalogue since its launch in 2012. I found it very difficult to filter and squeeze all of this good music into a 1 hour journey, but I am so pleased with my selection.

    I’ve chosen to included two new tracks, a remix I made of my ‘Fractured Memories’ release, which was recorded live and the other is a collaboration that I did with my friends Omer & Shaked. Enjoy !”

    Ran Salman

    Artist: Various Artists
    Title: Ran Salman Presents Authentic Steyoyoke #005
    Label: Steyoyoke
    Cat. No: SYYKAS005
    Digital Release Date: 08/06/2015

    01. Andro V – Bizarre (Original Mix)
    02. Florian Rietze – Treibholz feat. BLANCAh (Soul Button Remix)
    03. Soul Button – Come To Me (Original Mix)
    04. Aki Bergen – First Glimpse (Soul Button Remix)
    05. Ran Salman – Fractured Memories (Ran Salman LIVE Mix)
    06. Soul Button – 7th Heaven (Dahu Remix)
    07. Animal Picnic & Aaryon – Hydra (Nick Devon Remix)
    08. Aaryon & Ran Salman – Riptide (Original Mix)
    09. Aaryon – Fairy Tales (Ran Salman Remix)
    10. Ran Salman, Omer & Shaked – Agressivo (Original Mix)

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