Nick Devon
 – Monochromatic World : Ethereal Mix

01. Nick Devon - Interlude (Original Mix)

02. Soul Button - Reverie (Original Mix)

03. Oliver Winters - Walls (Strinner Remix)

04. Nick Devon - The Age Of Innocence (Original Mix)

05. Darko Milosevic & Clawz SG - Temporal Vortex (Original Mix)

06. Nick Devon - The Poem feat. Mirroir (Special Edition)

07. Nick Devon - Dimensions (Original Mix)

08. Soul Button - Awaken The Soul (Nick Devon Remix)

09. Clawz SG - Gwendoline (Special Edition)

10. Nick Devon - Everything Possible (Original Mix)

11. Senses Of Mind - Alanya (Original Mix)

    This DJ Mix is brought to you by Steyoyoke artist, Nick Devon. Coming off of his recently released album ‘Monochromatic World’, this mix is overflowing with Nick’s usual melodic and atmospheric techno. Prepare yourself for a rush of turbulence neatly wrapped in a package of hypnotic grooves.

    Alongside some of his original productions from the album, the track listing has an abundance of artists worth mentioning – Soul Button, Oliver Winters, Strinner, Clawz SG, Darko Milosevic and Senses Of Mind are all on board in this outstanding journey. Enjoy!

    Artist: Nick Devon
    Title: Monochromatic World : Ethereal Mix
    Label: Steyoyoke
    Cat. No: SYYK105MIX
    Digital Release Date: 10/01/2020

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