Soul Button – Phantom Existence : Continuous Mix

01. Soul Button - Awaken The Soul feat. Photographs. (Original Mix)

02. Soul Button - Blind Pattern (Original Mix)

03. Soul Button - The Sparrow feat. Mistier (Original Mix)

04. Soul Button - Imagine To Be Free (The Concept)

05. Soul Button - Silhouettes feat. Violin Girl (Original Mix)

06. Soul Button - Jannah feat. Rebecca Sumner (Original Mix)

07. Soul Button - New Day feat. Mistier (Original Mix)

08. Soul Button - Utopia feat. Terry Grant (Original Mix)

09. Soul Button - Deception (Original Mix)

10. Soul Button - Shapeshifter (Original Mix)

11. Soul Button - Epiphany (Original Mix

    In this continuous mix from ethereal techno master Soul Button, he proudly presents his debut album, “Phantom Existence”. An expressive, conceptual work revealing a unique musical and artistic approach. Showcasing 11 tracks from the album, each track tells a different story while delivering a synonymous message of freedom.

    A masterpiece with a blend of melancholic rhythms and captivating vocals by Terry Grant, Mistier, Photographs. and Rebecca Sumner. As a master of melody and emotive ethereal techno journeys, this set encompasses all that embodies the Ethereal Techno sound. So sit back and enjoy this wonderful ethereal techno voyage!

    Artist: Soul Button
    Title: Phantom Existence : Continuous Mix
    Label: Steyoyoke
    Cat. No: SYYK104MIX
    Digital Release Date: 16/12/2019

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