Various Artists – Inner Symphony Gold 2020

    2020 has been a productive year for Inner Symphony and has seen the label highlight its ability to orchestrate a continual flow of talented artists and quality releases. To honour some of the years most memorable tracks, a total of 16 handpicked treasures have been compiled to bring you the annual ‘Inner Symphony Gold 2020′ compilation.

    Artist: Various Artists
    Title: Inner Symphony Gold 2020
    Label: Inner Symphony
    Cat. No: IS046
    Artwork: Can Çetinkaya
    Digital Release Date: 08/01/2021

    01. Fidan – My Love (Original Mix)
    02. Tamas Skafar – Farewell Gift (Original Mix)
    03. Anders. – Parapluie (Morphing Spot Remix)
    04. Soul Button – Buoyant (biskuwi Remix)
    05. Reig – Lohagara (Original Mix)
    06. Soul Button – Panacea (Original Mix)
    07. James Marley – Changes (Original Mix)
    08. Rustboy – Precious Thing (Mashk Remix)
    09. biskuwi – Kerfuffle (Soul Button Remix)
    10. James Marley – Birth (Original Mix)
    11. Rustboy – Fermi Paradox (Original Mix)
    12. Reig – Germanium (Original Mix)
    13. Fidan – Symphonic (Original Mix)
    14. Mashk – Artemidorus (Original Mix)
    15. Soul Button – Cerulean (Original Mix)
    16. Tenderheart – Unoften Cheerful Moment (Original Mix)

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