Nick Devon – Monochromatic World

Albums, by nature, especially your debut album, is never an easy feat. But, when Nick Devon commits to making one, magic is ensured. Spanning 13 tracks, “Monochromatic World” is a wonderfully composed and arranged journey through the mind of Athen’s based producer, Nick Devon. Ranging from surreal atmospheric soundscapes to brooding club bangers, the album serves up an honest and emotional journey; step into “Monochromatic World”.

Whether this album lives on your home stereo or in your record bag, everyone listening is guaranteed to be swept away into Nick Devon’s “Monochromatic World”.

Artist: Nick Devon
Title: Monochromatic World
Label: Steyoyoke
Cat. No: SYYK105
Digital Release Date: 24/01/2020

01. Nick Devon – Interlude (Original Mix)
02. Nick Devon – Jawdan’s Dream (Original Mix)
03. Nick Devon – Dimensions (Original Mix)
04. Nick Devon – Hypnosis (Original Mix)
05. Nick Devon – Age Of Innocence (Original Mix)
06. Nick Devon – Atlas (Original Mix)
07. Nick Devon – Full Of Forrest (Original Mix)
08. Nick Devon – Cyborg Heart (Original Mix)
09. Nick Devon – Everything Possible (Original Mix)
10. Nick Devon – Distance (Original Mix)
11. Nick Devon – Monochromatic World (Original Mix)
12. Nick Devon – Sunbeam (Original Mix)
13. Nick Devon – The Ghost In My Head (Original Mix)

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