Phill & Dansmore – Iterspectrum

    Serbian newcomers Phill & Dansmore make their debut on Steyoyoke Black with their first full-length album Iterspectrum. Moving between spaces of dark and light, tension and release, it takes a listener throughout multiple shifts in mood and reveals more with every listen.

    The album shows depth of references, sticking to the path of techno while integrating themes of minimalism, film and game soundtracks, 90s pop and more. Phill & Dansmore are more than just techno producers, and have a keen eye for construction of mood and tone. It’s an impressive album that offers something new with each track.

    Artist: Phill & Dansmore
    Title: Iterspectrum
    Label: Steyoyoke Black
    Cat. No: SYYKBLK047
    Digital Release Date: 11/03/2019

    01. Phill & Dansmore – Revival (Original Mix)
    02. Phill & Dansmore – Chasing Echo (Original Mix)
    03. Phill & Dansmore – 8°C (Original Mix)
    04. Phill & Dansmore – Crack Of Dawn (Original Mix)
    05. Phill & Dansmore – Path 303 (Original Mix)
    06. Phill & Dansmore – Leaf By Leaf (Original Mix)
    07. Phill & Dansmore – Dark Mirage (Original Mix)
    08. Phill & Dansmore – KOP (Original Mix)
    09. Phill & Dansmore – Nort Sector (Original Mix)
    10. Phill & Dansmore – Dancing Dunes (Original Mix)
    11. Phill & Dansmore – Die Erzrückstände (Original Mix)
    12. Phill & Dansmore – Post-Spectrum (Original Mix)

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