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Various Artists – Steyoyoke Black Onyx Vol. 01

    Keeping in line with its sister label, Steyoyoke Black archives some of its biggest tunes to date and brings forth a best of compilation titled ‘Steyoyoke Black Onyx’. Comprising of 17 tracks, this release encompasses the raw essence and power that drives the Steyoyoke Black sound.

    All the Steyoyoke Black artists make an appearance on ‘Onyx’, which include both originals and remixes from Dahu, Nick Devon, Animal Picnic, Skena, Aaryon, Pete Oak and Ukka.

    Artist: Various Artists
    Title: Steyoyoke Black Onyx Vol. 01
    Label: Steyoyoke Black
    Cat. No: SYYKBLK008
    Artwork: BLANCAh
    Digital Release Date: 29/06/2015

    01. Skena – Waiting In The Wings (Original Mix)
    02. Dahu – Sedated (Original Mix)
    03. Pete Oak – Tranquila (Dahu Remix)
    04. Dahu – Ruin (Animal Picnic Remix)
    05. Nick Devon – Don’t Be Afraid feat. Benji (Original Mix)
    06. Ukka – Exhale (Original Mix)
    07. Pete Oak – Tranquila (Original Mix)
    08. Dahu – Ruin (Original Mix)
    09. Nick Devon – Don’t Be Afraid feat. Benji (Animal Picnic Remix)
    10. Skena – The Next Act (Original Mix)
    11. Nick Devon – Rattled (Original Mix)
    12. Animal Picnic & Aaryon – Vortex (Original Mix)
    13. Nick Devon – Skyline (Original Mix)
    14. Animal Picnic & Aaryon – Orion (Original Mix)
    15. Animal Picnic & Aaryon – Particles Of God (Original Mix)
    16. Ukka – Del Mar (Original Mix)
    17. Animal Picnic & Aaryon – Rhapsody (Original Mix)

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