Various Artists – Steyoyoke Gems Solar 10

    Steyoyoke Gems is back this season with the Solar edition featuring Steyoyoke mainstays like Soul Button, Clawz SG, Monarke, Nick Devon, MPathy and Grammik. This collection is ready to take you on an otherworldly and mind blowing journey. Each of these 19 remarkable gems will take you through a world of subtle emotions and profound feelings. Immerse yourselves and enjoy the voyage!

    Artist: Various Artists
    Title: Steyoyoke Gems Solar 10
    Label: Steyoyoke
    Cat. No: SYYKCOMP016
    Digital Release Date: 17/12/2021

    01. Nick Devon & Grammik – Wanderlust (Original Mix)
    02. Soul Button & Clawz SG – Implicit Bias (Monarke Remix)
    03. Clawz SG – Bloom (Extended Mix)
    04. Dahu & Soul Button – Sentient (Original Mix)
    05. Monarke – Says (Original Mix)
    06. Clawz SG – Moira (Extended Mix)
    07. Adam Husa, Mustafa Ismaeel – Young, Wild And Free (Original Mix)
    08. Nick Devon – Amal (Original Mix)
    09. Jecksel – Hopeless (Original Mix)
    10. Strinner – Falling Back (Original Mix)
    11. Clawz SG – The Lightness Feat. Allies For Everyone (Extended Mix)
    12. Soul Button & Browncoat – Laniakea (Original Mix)
    13. Nick Devon – Daydreams feat. Mirroir (Original Mix)
    14. Levi David – Colours In The Sky (Original Mix)
    15. MPathy – Whispers (Original Mix)
    16. Soul Button & Monarke – Centaurus (Original Mix)
    17. Monarke – We Come As Human feat. Maurice Kaar (Original Mix)
    18. Clawz SG – Quandary (Extended Mix)
    19. Monarke – Sign Of The Times (Original Mix)

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